Have you ever been put off applying for a job after seeing the requirements?

You wouldn’t be the first to be discouraged from applying for a role. The first thing to remember is that a job description only tells half a story. This is what the employer wants in an ideal world and how they think the candidate will best match up, however many employers are open minded.

If you believe you can do the job and you are the match, you should absolutely put yourself out there. The key difference here is being ‘almost qualified’ vs not even close.

Transferrable skills:

The requirements listed in the job description are guidelines, not solid rules. Generally, employers will look at skills and experience over qualifications unless a certain qualification is absolutely necessary. You might find that even if you don’t have the required qualification, your application will be taken further anyway. This is because many employers see potential in people and are happy to put the work into training them themselves. Therefore, focusing on your transferrable skills in your application is essential.

Cover letter:

If you meet at least a few of the requirements and can see yourself being a great asset to the company, convey that enthusiasm in your cover letter. Draw the reader’s attention to your strengths that make you worthy for consideration. Think about showcasing yourself in a positive and effective way. Taking time to personalise the cover letter will really pay off.

Do you have the mindset?

The candidate that a hiring manager will ultimately choose to hire is not always the most experienced or the most qualified. They want the one that demonstrates genuine enthusiasm, and believes in the company mission. Skills can be developed and acquired- but genuine enthusiasm is either there, or it’s not. Even if you do apply, you have nothing to lose. However, if you never applied you will always question what if.