1 Plan ahead – Whether you're an employer or a working parent, it's important to put some plans into place as early as possible.  Whether it's booking time off, organising childcare or ensuring there is enough cover in the office, the earlier you get your plans in place the less stressful it will be for everyone.

Which brings us nicely onto:

2 Be flexible (if you can) - If you are able to offer hybrid working, it really could take a huge amount of pressure off working parents. Finding childcare can be difficult for some, so if you are able to offer flexibility, it will definitely take some pressure off.  If it's viable, consider allowing staff to work different hours too, maybe they can get a few hours of work in early, or in the evening.

3 Be creative - If you're a working parent and you do have to use childcare, look into some different options, whether it's sports clubs, craft activities or local church groups, there is a lot on offer over the summer holidays, do some research and find something that your kids will love.  Hopefully it will remove some of that working parent guilt too.  And if you’re working from home and you can, plan in some fun time. 

4 Allow boredom - These days we are all too quick to be doing something every waking hour.  But . .  it's OK to be bored. Downtime is important and the summer holidays are a chance for children to relax and recharge after a busy year at school, so let them be bored every now and then, it will also encourage them to find their own entertainment, which will help you out in the long run.

5 Remember the little things – It doesn't all have to be about expensive days out or the latest gadgets.  Children can be just as happy playing in the garden, drawing or baking.  Encourage what it is that they love and get involved when you can.

6 Take some time off
- whether it's the odd day here and there, or a week or two, if you are able to take some time to relax and enjoy time together, then get it booked.  It doesn't have to be a two week exotic holiday, memories can be made anywhere and the time to do it is now.

7 And finally…the six weeks of (hopefully) summer sunshine, isn't just about the children! Take some time to relax and enjoy yourself too.