Facetime or skype interviews are becoming more common, in fact, 82% of hiring managers have used skype according to The Guardian. While video chat is more of a family and friend catch up for you, there are a few things to think about when there is your potential employer or recruiter representing you at the other end of the call. This means that although you can talk in the comfort of your own home, treating the call unprofessionally will have consequences.

  • Set up and test ahead of time
Video chats can come with technical difficulties, so it might be worth skyping or video calling a friend before the interview so you can avoid the “can you hear me now?” situations. Here is what to look out for:

  • Is your camera clear and framed well?
  • Test your microphone
  • Do you need to alter the lighting?
  • If you wear glasses, see if it reflects
  • Prepare the room
  • Dress the part
Treat your skype call as an in-person interview, so dress professionally from head to toe. If you need to get up and grab a drink or some paperwork you left on the other side of the room then the interviewer will find out you’re wearing your pyjamas! Not only this but being in business wear will make you feel the part and help with your performance.

  • Prepare your environment
Make sure you are in a clear space such as in an office at the desk. It’s important you don’t have a distracting backdrop, full of clutter or posters, this is so you can be the focal point on the screen. Also take into account if you have kids whether someone can be with them while you are on your call, if you have a landline or phone on put them on silent, don’t have your pet in the room or even have a wash load on as the interviewer will hear it.

  • Like an interview, don’t be late!
It’s understandable when you are taking a call from home that there can by distractions that mean you have to call back in 10 minutes, but don’t think this is acceptable as the interviewer has now got this first impression of you. when you answer the call wait by your laptop or phone at least 3-5 minutes before the call. This way, you won’t come across flustered when you answer the call.

  • Speak clearly
You will be surprised how much yours or the interviews internet/service can lag your call. You don’t want the interviewer asking you to repeat everything as not only does this look unprofessional but it may trip you up when you have to recall everything you have said. The key point to remember is not to mumble as it shows a lack of interest.

  • Use notes, but don’t rely on them
The best notes are the ones that are easily scannable and you know what points to make with a quick glance. The interviewer doesn’t want you to always be looking at notes, especially when you wouldn’t have any prompts in an in-person interview. you could even write down questions on the notes to ask the interviewer/recruiter at the end of the interview to show you was prepared!

Prepare for your interview ahead of time and you’ll come across how you want to for the interview. Lastly, when you are on the skype call make sure it’s the only tab open. The interviewer knows If you are responding to an email that can wait or searching answers.