After a very successful first 2 years in business, it is going to be hard to top. Yes, the current economic situation did make things tricky for a month or two, we still stood tall and will continue to eat Brexit for breakfast. We will carry on full steam ahead in sustainable growth, providing our unique, high-level of service to all of the businesses and individuals we work with, with no expenses lost! 

Service: as we initially set out to, we will continue to constantly improve our service for clients and candidates. We aim to remain offering free advice and guidance to job seekers (where we can) as well as continuing, and expanding our work with schools and colleges. When the time is right, I would like to see us offering workshops for job seekers as well as consultative training for businesses looking to enhance their selection/recruitment process. We will continue to look at our pricing structure to ensure we are competitive, whilst providing high value at low cost, ensuring our payment terms are in line with promoting long-term placements.

Results: having placed 83 individuals into jobs through our work over the last two years and now having more man power, it would be wrong of me to aim for anything less other than to double in size over the next 2 years, aiming to place over 166 individuals into positions. We aim to do this whilst maintaining our high-level of service with an open, transparent approach, providing all who come into contact with us with a positive experience, maintaining our 1st class customer reviews.

Staff: who knows! We have no current vacancies at Lighthouse Personnel at the moment, but may be looking to recruit some Trainee Consultants (360) over the next 6 months or so.

No More Growth – Rosey and I are very happy with the 3 children we have no foreseeable plans for more. Let’s just aim to be the best parents we can be to our lovely bunch!   

Here’s to an exciting 2 more years in business (and many more!)

Gerard Francis – Managing Director