Recruitment is tough, we hear you, we know
You want the right people to help you to grow
Not only the people who can do what they say
But people who fit in with the team and get on every day

At Lighthouse we are your beacon of light,  
Guiding you through the hiring process with all of our might.  
Trust in our expertise, knowledge and skill, 
To find you the perfect candidate that fits the bill. 

Our mission is to your future success, 
By providing you with the talent that’s best 
We take the time to learn your needs, 
And deliver candidates that exceed your hopes and dreams. 

With our support, you can build amazing teams, 
We will help your company thrive, fulfilling your dreams. 
We are dedicated to understanding your craft, 
And will spend many hours searching on your behalf. 

Our commitment will always be to your success, 
We aim to be the best recruitment agency, no contest. 
With Lighthouse Personnel on your side, 
We hope your recruitment journey is a successful ride.