Professional photo

It can be difficult to understand what an appropriate professional image means. But take a look at people in the same sector/ industry as you to see how they have presented themselves. We would advise having a warm smile and in smart business wear. If you can show yourself in action, this is also a great profile picture. For example, if you are attending a meeting or presenting a talk then it’s great to get someone to get a picture of you. This type of profile picture works well because it shows you’re passionate, a confident speaker and skilled.

Write an impressive headline

The headline is dependant on your job title or current situation, especially if you are looking for a job. Don’t be afraid to be creative with this section, showcase your speciality and your talent. For example, you can add something quirky like ‘are you a talented marketer? Looking for a new role? we can represent you!’ or if you are seeking an opportunity, don’t add in your current job title and instead add-in that you are looking for a specific opportunity in a certain area to get the right contact through.

Don’t waste the summary… this is the best part!

A summary needs to be short sentences, formatted in a chronological way. We would recommend have 3-4 paragraphs with short sentences. You can also add a bullet point section in the middle. Highlight your key skills, unique qualifications but also how you can help the person viewing your profile out. For example, if you are a recruiter then you would have something like ‘if you are recruiting for a marketing role, get in touch with me and we can discuss how I can assist you’ or if you are looking for a new opportunity you can add in the summary that you are open to recruiter and hiring manager calls.

Treat it like your online CV

Think of your education, experiences and achievements section a bigger, better, more interactive version of your CV. There is no page limit holding you back, but with this in mind, make sure that it breaks down everything neatly. If you update it regularly with statuses and articles this also gives your page credibility.

Request recommendations

Personally, we believe that this can be one of LinkedIn’s best features. It’s a bit like if you are buying something online, if it’s costly you will most likely look at the reviews to see if it’s worth the purchase. Recommendations work in the same way, people want to trust that you are a worthy employee and recommendations from previous colleagues, managers and even friends will help build a character of what you are like in the workplace.

Be warm and welcoming

Let people know your values and passions. LinkedIn is a place where people create discussions, share quotes and get people involved. Showcase good stuff with your network in mind, and give them a chance to get to know you while you get to know them. Be authentic and yourself is the best advice we can give.

Post regularly

Create updates often, and share an article you wrote. Your entire newsfeed will see your updates, and if they like/comment/share your post then it will automatically go to their network too, which means more exposure! This is especially helpful if you are job hunting or creating a debate.

Build connections

You want at least 100 connections and be regularly on the platform, as people are more reluctant to accept your connection when you have few connections. It can suggest that you are paranoid about connecting with people and you are inactive. We are not suggesting that you add everyone you don’t know, but maybe start building it up slow in your local area. Add your email address on your LinkedIn to the contact information so people can also get in touch with you!