Our 200th placement!

We have some exciting news! 

On the 15th of March, we placed our 200th candidate into their fantastic new role! It’s only right that we went to visit them at their new workplace to congratulate them & bring gifts!

The team continuously work hard to get the right candidate for the right job for our clients, and of course; the right job for the right candidate! We pride ourselves on our service, values and approach to building long-lasting relationships to all who we work with.

We asked our client and candidate some questions about how they felt about working with Lighthouse Personnel. 

GAIA’s feedback: 

What do you like about working with Lighthouse?

What we like most about working with Lighthouse is that they do not fire applications/CV’s at us, but instead take the time to properly screen and vet candidates to ensure our time is well spent and that we get the service we pay for. 

Lighthouse really takes the time to focus on finding the right people for our business in terms of personality, skillset and attitude. 

Would you use Lighthouse again? 

We will continue to use Lighthouse for our recruitment needs. Their accuracy in finding the right people is proven by some of our existing workforce who were sourced by them. 

Darryl’s Feedback: 

What caught your eye about the role? 

Getting back into projects – it’s the work I know I enjoy doing. 

How was the recruitment process?  

There were no surprises between the job description, conversation with Lighthouse and interview with GAIA. Lighthouse gave me all the answers to the questions I had about the company before I even had a chance to ask them which shows that Lighthouse know their clients inside out, and made for a smooth process. 

Here’s what our Managing Director Gerard had to say: 

‘I must admit, realising that we had hit 200 placements was pretty awesome. When we started the business, I kept our goals quite simple, and a tad pessimistic, hitting many of our 3-year goals within the first year. Then, along came COVID which, like many businesses, set us back significantly. 

To be able to celebrate 200 placements after the last few turbulent years is testament to how far we have come in our first 4 years in business. 

For the first time, it really feels to me personally like we are now a firmly established business. 

We have big plans for the next 3 years and hope to be celebrating 300 placements in the not-too-distant future, whilst maintaining our high-levels of service, seeking ways to get even better at recruiting right for our client’s future success!’