We had the opportunity to meet one of our valued Clients, delivering our Christmas Hampers as a small thank you for using our services. We asked Our Client Jacquie for feedback in response to some questions on her experience using Lighthouse Personnel!

How did you hear about Lighthouse Personnel?

‘Gerard reached out to us, he discovered who we were through indeed. He could see that we were a local company and looking for the right candidate to join our team. It was an ideal situation for both of us. ‘

How was the process for you, did you find it hassle free?

‘Absolutely, I had no concerns with Gerard and Paddy working on our vacancy to find us the right candidate and within an ideal time frame for us. There was no worry or concerns.’

Do you think we succeeded in getting you the right candidate and in a reasonable time frame?

‘Yes, completely. Too well in fact, to the point where I now compare other new candidates to the person you placed with us, who has been everything we wished for.’

Are you happy with the overall outcome of using Lighthouse Personnel?

‘Completely, the Lighthouse team made it so easy. We didn’t worry about it or even need to think about it. You met the criteria we wanted and we made the process easy for us, we trust you.’

Did you find anything unique about our services in comparison to other Recruitment Agencies you may have used before?

‘We have only used one Recruitment Agency before, and that was around the same time we used Lighthouse Personnel. Communication was the biggest difference. We found that you put the right people forward and listened to exactly what we wanted, rather than putting people forward that weren’t right for us, and had no benefit to our company in the long run. There was never a worry of not being able to communicate with the team, simply because someone would always be on the other end of the phone and was as helpful as can be.’

After your experience with us would you feel inclined to use us again?

‘Absolutely, without a doubt. I have no other consideration but to go with Lighthouse Personnel again if we need another staff member to join our team. ‘

Did we meet your expectations?

‘Yes, and beyond! We are very happy with the overall process and outcome.’

Would you recommend us to any other companies that are looking for the right candidate after your experience with us?

‘Yes, we would recommend Lighthouse Personnel. I would even happily pick up the phone to a potential client that would like to use you, we have nothing bad to say!’