Being unsuccessful in a job interview can be disappointing and can sometimes leave you feeling disheartened, especially if you got to the last round of interviews. A natural reaction is to be disappointed or discouraged. But we can assure you, there are more opportunities, and lots of progressive ways to move forwards with your job search!

Job searching is often competitive and sometimes an exhausting task, so Lighthouse Personnel have some top tips to help you move past the rejection and on to looking for your next role. 


We highly recommend that you respond to the rejection letter/phone call as positively as possible. Although you haven’t been successful this time, sometimes businesses will keep you in mind for future roles they have available, especially if you did impress!


When responding to your rejection letter, it is always worth asking for feedback about why they think you weren’t suited to the role. Businesses should provide productive feedback, which enables you to understand the reasoning behind their decision, and what you might need to strengthen for next time.

Check future openings 

Although businesses often say they’ll keep you on file in case another opportunity comes up, we advise candidates to keep an eye out for any openings the business might have in the future, re-apply, or get in contact with them again. You might have not been the right fit for the initial role you were interviewed for, but you might be the right fit for the next one that comes up.

Review your performance 

A rejection can also be a good time to review your own performance. Ask yourself a couple of questions and try to answer them honestly, sometimes this will allow you to review what you need to strengthen for the next interview you attend. 

  • What do I think I could’ve done better?
  • What weaknesses do I think could’ve played a part in not being successful?
  • How can I turn those weaknesses into strengths for the next interview?

It’s always good to review yourself as well as asking the business to provide feedback. Don’t be too hard on yourself; use it as a personal progression opportunity. 

Move forward

It’s really easy to hold on to what could have been, especially if it was a position you were really keen on. After all, rejection is redirection and there’s lots of great opportunities out there waiting for you. 

Could a recruiter help with your job search?

Quite possibly, yes! It is certainly worth looking into recruiters who recruit for roles you’re looking for and getting yourself registered with them. Recruiters normally work on multiple roles at a time so they could have various opportunities that might suit you. 

Recruiters might also help you with preparation for your interviews & give you advice on the best approach – so be sure to make the most of this!